The OS's name is "Breagh <3" coming from an MSN convosation when a teenage girl showed displeasure in how modern operating systems are the only thing that hasn't sold out and become more teen friendly. I took this idea as a spark to bring Linux to a teenagers grasp.

The OS will be based on either Debian Testing, or Ubuntu 10.10. It will feature default apps that you will actually use. Instead of random random tools no ones uses, tools that are easy, minimizing the command line, and maximizing the GUI.

It will later support a KDE and Clutter window system to just bring it up to another level of awesomenes.

I am pretty sure i am the first one to say that all Linux needs is another fork. Well apparently it does. If i can't seem to find a decent operating system that actually has what a teen needs. This is hoped to solve it.

Mark Mina, Project Manager.